April 21, 2011


It was a great honor being a finalist for the "Nuovo Award" this year in the Independent Games Festival in San Francisco. It was really interesting to be able to see the reactions towards my game "Loop Raccord". Seeing how some people didn´t even dare to come close to the game while others understood it really fast and showed some astonishing video-editing aptitudes. It was also a fantastic oportunity to meet some really nice people. 

It was also very flattering to be able to show my game in front of a big audience in the "Game Developers Conference", together with Hanford LemooreMichael Brough, Mihir Seth, Agustín Pérez FernándezJason Rohrer y Andy Schatz, in the "Experimental Gameplay Sessions"  which, to my surprise, proved to be very popular. The audience´s welcome was fantastic and it was a very stimulating experience overall. In the picture you can see me (the tiny figure in a white shirt) showing the title credits of my short film "Jeux Pluriels".

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