August 11, 2015

Space Call

Earlier thi year, Ana Pez and I decided to help a group of children, aged between 8 and 12, to make their first videogame. This is the result: Space Call

December 23, 2013

Atomic Bomb making of

I recently made this music video for William Onyeabor, a nigerian afro-funk forgotten legend.

September 29, 2013

Making the dvd for Astigmatismo

If you ever wondered why Astigmatismo´s dvds are so expensive, here´s why..

You can purchase one at:

Silkscreen printing by:
Zulo Azul

Disc printing by:
Rumble Records

Music: "Lidda" by by Mammane Sani et son Orgue

August 4, 2013

Making the Astigmatismo DVD

The making of Astigmatismo´s DVD had too many delays but it´s finally reaching its end. I had a number of technical problems both with the interactive content of the DVD and the making of the box. I have also been busy sending the film to festivals and attending some of them which didn´t leave me with a lot of spare time. I appologize to everyone who is waiting for his copy. Rest assured, it´s coming, and I wouldn´t have made you wait so much if it wasn´t in order to achieve the best possible result. The silkscreen printing of the box was courtesy of Zulo Azul and the disc printing was made possible thanks to Rumble Records. I am editing a video of the process but in the meantime, below you can see some images that, hopefully, will explain why it has taken so long:

July 13, 2013

Astigmatismo in Annecy

I had the pleasure to be at the Annecy Festival, where my short film "Astigmatismo" was in international competition. Above you will be able to see me interviewed by Marcel Jean, director of the festival, during the breakfasts with directors (in french).