August 4, 2013

Making the Astigmatismo DVD

The making of Astigmatismo´s DVD had too many delays but it´s finally reaching its end. I had a number of technical problems both with the interactive content of the DVD and the making of the box. I have also been busy sending the film to festivals and attending some of them which didn´t leave me with a lot of spare time. I appologize to everyone who is waiting for his copy. Rest assured, it´s coming, and I wouldn´t have made you wait so much if it wasn´t in order to achieve the best possible result. The silkscreen printing of the box was courtesy of Zulo Azul and the disc printing was made possible thanks to Rumble Records. I am editing a video of the process but in the meantime, below you can see some images that, hopefully, will explain why it has taken so long:

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