August 11, 2015

Space Call

Earlier thi year, Ana Pez and I decided to help a group of children, aged between 8 and 12, to make their first videogame. This is the result: Space Call

The idea was to make a simple game: a space shooter in the style of arcade games.

Ana coordinated the creative part with the children. By using free and easy to use software the kids made the entirety of the drawings, sounds and music for the game. At the same time they also chose the theme and mechanics although, as anyone who has ever worked with kids would know, they have so many ideas that we are forced to select those that seem possible to make within the time we had and within what was technically possible.

I programmed it by interpreting their instructions and designs the best I could . I added colour, scaling, rotations and transparency effects to make it a bit more dynamic and to highlight the good work that they did. There were many more designs and many more great ideas that we didn´t have time to put in but I think the result is good.

In a similar way, Ana decided which program would be used to make each part of the project:

The spaceships and enemies were made in Piq
The backgrounds in Harmony
The explosions and shots in Hexels
The tunnel in Alive Paintery
The sound effects in as3Sfxr
The music in Soundation

The game was programmed in Fusion 2.5

The project was made during 4-5 months, with the children working 2 hours per week in class and me working on my spare time.

You can download the game here:

(PC only)

Here, a series of gifs showing the game in motion:

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