June 25, 2011

IGF judges´s feedback

Just recieved a little bit of feedback from the Independent Games Festival judges for my game "Loop Raccord". I apprecieate it and it made me laugh. Here´s a "best of ":  

"I kind of want to like this game a lot more than I actually did."

"First of all, congratulations, because I am baffled. I hate this game. Its no-frills presentation is jarringly ugly. It's a YTMD migraine. I'm not even entirely sure it wasn't glitching out in Windows 7. It will never be distributed on Xbox Live Arcade. And it's pointless. It isn't even fun."

"I don't even know what I'm looking at. Is it art? How is this even a game? Is it broken? Is it saying something revelatory? I have no idea what you've made or what you've accomplished here, but whatever the hell this is, you've succeeded."

"neat idea and strangely addictive mechanic. utterly awful presentation which ended up taking all fun out of the experience."

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