August 31, 2011

Indie Cade Raccord Sniper feedback

Some months ago I entered my game Raccord Sniper in the IndieCade festival. Today I recieved an e-mail informing me that my game was not selected. With the note there were some feedback messages form the jurors. Between some constructive feedback I recieved the most surrealistic response to my game I could imagine. I can´t believe that somebody could seriously think that this game was financed by Ikea! I never thought of explaining that I took without permission the images from the catalogues. I pasted the original message below.  

"I fail to find a sensitive answer to the questions: - Is this a game? - Is this Indie? Considering how much of the IKEA brand is displayed in each level, this does not feel to me like a game to be admitted to the festival.

I have been carefully reading the artistic statements of the developer... Even that seems quite inconsistent. Other question: - Has the game been sponsored by Ikea? No mention about that by the developer... This makes me feel the answer might be affirmative. Imagine the reactions of experts, journalists and other PROs when this game is admitted while other original works are rejected."

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