August 5, 2012

Donde no hay invierno

Recently I illustrated a cover for this young adults novel by the russian author Dina Sabitova, originally published by Samokat and translated and published in spanish by Pearson.

It´s a quite bitter story about a boy and a girl abandoned by their mother, who try to take care of themselves on their own. For this cover I had the chance to be able to use some authentic russian fabrics. My mother worked as a textile designer in a factory in Moscow and still has some pieces of fabric from that time. The illustration is a collage that uses these fabrics glued directly on the paper, the rest of the drawing uses china ink and a little bit of colored pencil.

The reason for using these fabrics was not only because of their origin but also to evoque the presence of the children´s grandmother, who was a dressmaker and one of the key characters in the book.

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