March 30, 2012

Coherence Workshop

From the 23rd to the 25th of March I had the pleasure to give a workshop in the Mr. Marcel School.

In the workshop, which I entitled "In the search for coherence", students were proposed to work on the relationship between each of the parts that made an illustrated project: size, technique, composition, color, support and destination, trying to make it so each of these parts complement each other and work together face to a common goal. My idea was to bring this logic to its extreme, looking for the limits of coherence and encouraging the students to make the creative process more important than the result.

The students started working from a series of short texts, from where they extracted ideas, concepts or themes that they wanted to work on. Then they planned the project, determining a work process that in some way had to be symbolic of the selected theme. Finding the necessary materials turned into a key part of the process as these had to be carefully chosen and, often, unusually disorted to fulfill their purpose.

It is worth saying that the results couldn´t be more varied and surprising. If I succeded at something, it was probably at showing that concentrating on a coherent and sincere creative process can bring results that are not only good, but also quite authentic and revealing.

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