April 2, 2012

ABC Museum decortation

Recently, the ABC Museum of Illustration commissioned Ultrarradio the decoration of the cafeteria coincidentally with a series of conferences by english comic authors. The motives had to be related to the works of Charles Dickens, to conmemorate the second centenary of his death.

Each of the members of the Ultrarradio crew chose a main character from the novels of Dickens and a landscape to represent. I chose Charles Darnay, for "A Tale of Two Cities". First, because the french revolution is a nice motif. Armies allow for some interesting rythm games, with all the soldiers in uniforms walking in formation. Secondly, because the character of Charles Darnay is described in the novel as physically very similar to Sydney Carton, another of the main characters, with this similarity playing a key role in the plot. It was hard to resist the temptation to play with this ambiguety. Is it really Charles Darnay the portrayed character? I took the chance to leave some clues that might create that doubt.

Painting the glass corridor was a very nice experience. Being used to paint in small formats, it´s a great pleasure to have so much space, specially if said space is as welcoming as the ABC Museum´s cafeteria. I think the result is good but, in respect to my own part of the job, it would have been nice to have more time to be able to work in greater detail and polish.

The drawings will be there for a month or so. The cameras of Televisión Española and Telemadrid were there filming us so we made a brief appearence in the news.

I highly recommend you go see it if you are in the neighborhood, mainly for the fabulous work that was done by my collegues Juan Díaz FaesMireia PérezDavínPuñoJuanjez and Elena Hormiga

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