April 17, 2012

Loop Raccord nominee for the A Maze indie connect

My experimental video-editing game "Loop Raccord" has just been nominated in the "A Maze" independent videogames festival in Berlin.

I am very proud to be among the ten nominees, specially when it´s the case of such an exquisite selection. It´s so encouraging to see a videogames festival so clearly engaged with the new, the experimental and the unconventional. Sharing this nomination with MesshofEd KeyJonathan Hise KaldmaDie Gute Fabrik or Amanita Design it´s the highest pleasure to me.

Added to that there are the conference sessions with CactusDouglas Wilson and Vlambeer which anticipate a truly amazing festival.

From the 76 entries I would have loved seeing "MirrorMoon" by Santa Ragione and "Ute" by Lea Schönfelder between the finalists.

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