April 9, 2012

Why I killed Plural Games

With the recent web redesign I decided to close Plural Games, the website I originally opened to host my videogames.

Plural games never intended to be a trademark or a label, it was simply the name I gave to the page where I would be putting my interactive experiments, it was the name of a project. The name itself obviously comes from my short film Jeux Pluriels, which speaks about impossible games and which served as a bridge to a new activity: experimental videogame design.

When I first started developing games I did not expect big results, much less the interest they ended up generating. It was the reason why I didn´t care to give them a dedicated place in my main website and that I used something as modest as a slightly reskinned blogger to host them. After more than a year, nine games, two festivals and several exhibitions, I feel that my new hobby needs it´s own place next to the rest of my work. I am certain that I will be making games in the next years and that I want to give them as much importance as to any other project.

But most of all because I don´t wasnt to have a divided audience anymore. Until now, those interested in my illustration or animation work were not exposed to my videogames and those who came interested in my videogames were not exposed to my illustrations and animations. For me, the mix of experiences and skills has been crucial. Each medium has given me tools, and playing with the exchange of knowledge acquired in one field and applied to another is what has given me the best results. For this reason, it´s very important to me that even somebody who likes my books but is not interested in my games will be exposed to them, because there´s always the chance that he might discover something unexpected, something he wasn´t looking for and yet something as good or even better that the what he came for in the first place.

From now on, the Plural Games website redirects to the Loop Raccord one (the reason being that it´s the destination of more than half of its traffic). The way we knew Plural Games is dead, but it will surely come back, in a different shape, with a different purpose and in another time.

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